Beach Buddies: Guinea Pig Brothers Oreo & Teddy, 4/6/18

Friday, April 6th


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Time just went home for another furry friend and I think Kenny walker show Maine Christine. She brings. Yes well good morning Sherri good morning Christie share for the beauty center Broward County Christie from Christie's Kurdish. And today noting dogs and okay. That's we're going to we're going small fry here. And on this is something different for beads of bunnies Kenny and I love it Sherry tell us about these two cutie you have with us today west's net front L'Oreal antennae and they are Brothers they're about a year old and they are Guinea pigs. Mom patsy you mean society Broward canny lead do you take in Guinea pigs when people decide they can no longer take care little. And that is why I like to stress that just like getting a dog very catty Guinea pig or rabbit you know they are past that require lifetime commitment to these two social they don't mind being held especially pouring out. They require lots of fresh greens like grab it's. I Timothy hay to help them with their digestion and they're really you know if you thought about a lot of times people think oh I have little kids let me get a little hamster. Point cancers tend to bite a lot. I'm looking little pigs if they're re Israeli children they can be very social they're awfully cuddly for this look at this scenario for a looks like he's got into a Bagger to Memorial Day. FF I guess a little bit I don't Guinea pigs you know coming different sizes just like dogs and hasn't isn't on the bigger side. We are renaming Chevy jabs at. And it makes it more Carly he has a really pretty little fur coat and a very soft noticed the black Hawaii turn Nike like I give Larry yeah. Cream in the middle right okay yeah old Iron Man there about a year old they can range anywhere from say seven. In denying years we've put all of our beach buddies up on the beach. Web site also show medium platforms as well as Christie's critters on board in our social media platforms. And we didn't connect you with Syria and the humane society in all the beautiful animals they have available for adoption. Including the few guys can you today. Thanks so much for being on the show. Each nobody's checked out Guinea pigs at all the doctor cast at the beach in Miami dot com.