Beach Buddies: Geraldine, 5/25

Friday, May 25th


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Time to find homes for another furry friend and I think Kenny walker show named Christine. She brings. This morning everybody let me first let me white profit two gallons of drool. Geraldine. Has been all bang down he's got a guest on our legs. Jesus Sweeney's puffy ever list finder home our good friend Christy from Christie's critics is your Christie if you'd be surprised you the introductions. Well we have doors here are pretty united John rescue who has front this crashes. And Celine. Geraldine. Suez who is looking at right now first cluster well she heals and then of course so. Permanent fur ever loving home if we can go directly to and that and it ends bypass the sponsor. All of banner and this is a sweet sweet dog Doris and that solid gonna take his justice sweet sweet family for this sweet sweet sound to me she is amazing machines. Follows directions she walks great on a leash. And she's completely potty train she's so Smart she manages to master it. They cast as they get in on her hand and within moments later she's getting it off it sounds like Captain Hook a water here yeah. She works very diligently at maneuvering that's saying this cast and Geraldine leg this is coming up soon through months maybe a couple of rain line as she's just fine that she walks around fine on content to blame shade on the head. That's just to keep her from chillingly cast on donning the cash she's gotten it off or tied just know she's a beautiful dog what breed what she stay in a cast a fourth and she's a Houdini breed. She's a pink Derek chocolate or white point she some companies still she still does this come out out. Poppy seed says she has a lot of play in America and you can find out how to adopt this week Geraldine. By logging on to the beach Miami dot com all of the beach social media platforms. As well as Christie's craters on board and Chris he's critters social media platforms and let's find Geraldine now home that would be amazing Christie thank you so much Doris united pet rescue six or seven by. Geraldine it's been a pleasure thank you can't.