Beach Buddies: Gabriela, June 9th

Friday, June 9th

Today, Cherie from the Humane Society of Broward County came into the studio to introduce us to this week's Beach Buddy, Gabriela. She is a 2 year young, 33 pound shepherd mix who is sweet, loving and wants to climb into your lap. This caramel-colored beauty came from a shelter in Puerto Rico where people don’t go to adopt. Her only chance of finding a home was to come to a shelter in the U.S. 

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General of our sleeves and fight a home for a dog I'm from beach buddies here at 102 point seven the beach we're joined by Sherry from the humane society of Broward County good morning. Good morning it is good to see you again good to see each now sure I don't want to show him hyping its RV twenty segment that we viewers Friday. Because we have just we've been really lucky was this incredible string of gorgeous sweet little dogs and cats from whom did this might mean the most affectionate dog we'd ever see. Team I think she wants loud and she knows that people when she sees them you know Fleischer sod covered in blond hair right. But I'm with you again every LA it is just exceptionally sweet she just wants to be a lap dog forever. She has this thing are you want to do and it gently stands out. Put surprise on you and Oceania I easy to say hey. Game similar to an age wise they say to me until three years old she's only 33 pounds she's a little shepherd mix super sweet just. An adorable smile. You know making sure Steward of the day. Well you know me I'm just demand for bad because you know I'm not just a pretty face. He's trying to homes burned every bella center in just adapting it every Eller any of the pets you should stop by the humane society about accounting reopen every day at 1030. I'm we hope to bring your entire family down seat can meet the sweet love bug and all the others that we have. Anon you meet with one of our adoption counselors and hopefully you'll all month just like we did we phone where we're loving you can sure thank you so much and thanks to Chris secrecy craters dot org. She's the brain behind this whole thing is a this is a lot of love that we need to find homes for these cute little bugs.