Beach Buddies: Erin, Feb. 9th

Friday, February 9th


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Signs of fun at home for another furry friend and I think Kenny walker show I think Christie. She brings. Our good friend Christy from Christie's credit is joining us Christie good morning -- -- introductions Kenny I'm so excited to have Carol from policy for you bad witness her nice beach buddies segment today and she has front line and adorable Beagle had her thinks he'll vote for having us back Aaron is super super special and actually really wants Serbian I mean golf season on the tour I had that affect on dogs and I do -- very relaxing did you brush your teeth sticker she is as thanks Bret now she is she's in good shape just a while maintaining the evil girl and someone adopted her and then the very next day every turn her an animal services knows I'm paused for you don't Wear a bunch of bagel lovers. And she became part of our Stanley about two months ago when she is looking Parra family she's a great job she's good with other dogs and she was awesome in the car the right out as guests demeaning us about five years old she sits just days she lays down she's she's she's the perfect an agent I don't like to deal puppies and going through the shark teeth agent everything just give me and on middle age or senior and Amal and her house train enter any erotic I know right now wanna Burleson is going our eyeball there's dogs sold pictures right now video and it didn't get these big hero now there's the beach Miami backup. How do we adopt -- Buchanan's got to Aaron by going to pause for his website which is www. GAW as the number OR YOU dot org. And click on our links whereas has adoptions and there's an application bears and dobbs show court mineral get back to you and hopefully also I mean great roles they don't get her home and even for Valentine's Day I would be so sweet when agree Valentine's gives Aaron would be well also connect you to pause for you on the beach Miami. Dot com Christie's. It's dot org. Medium paced. Appearing everywhere thank you so much Hollywood is how. It's really thank you so much for bringing. For parents.