Beach Buddies - Cat Network - March 3rd

Wednesday, March 8th

Kenny talked to Anastasia and Megan from The Cat Network, who brought in three cats that need to find homes! First off, was Aladdin who is about 10-months-old. He was rescued from Animal Services and loves hugs. Next we have brothers Scout and Scrap who were found when they were tiny kittens and brought to the animal shelter.  They are now six-years-old! They are great for any household. If you have any interest in adopting them please contact TheCat Network.   


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The only 102 point seven to beat Kenny walker live from. Universal Studios Orlando and it's Friday it always makes time for beach buddies for our animals were trying to find homes. I'm good from Kristen from Christie's graders in charge. Chris good morning how are you absence. Aren't happy I'm OK I can't wait for the week that I was wondering if you could do the introductions this morning. Absolutely of course there are a lot of times what he's not remember. Her I was at a catch. As well as McCain's speech or cat that. To me out of my campaign added incentives today and yeah I was crying I was so worried at Belmont we work with. The cat network incorporated which is based not for profit here in the South Florida area. We try and get people to fix cats at their feet outside Spain and neutering his utmost importance in South Florida. Tom is he trying to catch that you want to have adopted you have to clusters yourself and we housing could provide services and medical attention for the cat to get ready to take jobs as it. How important assets I. Casts are prolific breeders use your phrase reading like rabbits that are really should be greeted like a cat in the seven years. Two cat can reduce. Close to 400000 posturing to fuel its allied and yes. As you can see the problem that we're dealing with here especially in South Florida because the weather's nice there's lots of signing cats tend to free more when there's not. And it makes sense Taiwan issue introduce us to think cancer but today sweeter price of homes for them today we have scouts and scrap with us. They were Brothers would we be rescued from animal services when they were a little while babies unfortunately they have not found their forever home yet. And so they're now six years old they've been in our program them on so we would really really love to get them home. Hopefully together but at least a home individually these cats are so beautiful meg unless classic thank you so much. Christy how do we find homes for these cats I asked him and is not seen the president's friend and her others that were being or not but he's. I always go to the agency eight West Bank out there could be greater dot ports.