Beach Buddies: Bee and Spring, June 16th

Friday, June 16th

Today Kenny spoke with Jodie and Larry who brought in Bee and Spring from Abandoned Pet Rescue! The dog is Bee. She is a Sheperd/Hound mix. She is tan and black and just 19 months old. Bee weighs approximately 47 pounds. For more info and to adopt these precious pets visit!


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Point seven it's our labor of love trying to find homes for. You can hear the price you Rhode Island beach buddies and Roger is by. Supermarket thank you pet supermarket here with us from independent pet rescue in Fort Lauderdale if it's malaria and Jodi good morning. I need help you any I'm great thank you think you're being you know we have. Have we uniting and the shots that everyday we get a cat and a dog because you don't normally they don't get along very well together let's start with the cat give us a description. This is this spring spring is twenty weeks old and she is the last of her live her up for adoption. Even though Kenny I have breaking news. When we went to the shelter to pick her up this morning there was a message on the answering machine she's going to be adopted that's a good start looking at okay. 150 more cats let's keep it going not just so anybody whose interest it should come to abandon that rescued and the dogs were sniffing around the studio. That god gives a very sweet feed healthier teeth she is a shepherd's town who need some. She's nineteen consoles as she's young and what girl was left behind in her backyard when the people of delaying its. Could leave this cute little dog in the backyard if she's great size that's too big not too small you're right now we are joined by a friend Kristy who Christie's craters. Christie I love a dog who can be in the studio with a cat and they all get along. I'll ask you don't find them very often but they are out there he is certainly for example I'm on the disastrous great guys come up an entire rescue we'd like finance almost thirty ths I guess first pregnancy test just on its feet wet FaceBook page or craters dot org I'm Margaret used critters FaceBook page and we won't let you out just fine be that perfect loving forever home. Christie from Christie's craters dot org Jodie and layers from abandoned pet rescue takes all of you for all eager to find homes for these animals go to the beach Miami doctor. Come.