Beach Buddies: Akia, Feb. 23rd

Friday, February 23rd

This week's beach buddy was Akia! You can adopt Akia at United Dog Rescue. 

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Time to find homes for another furry friend and I think Kenny walker show named Christie. She brings. It's our good friend Kristy is very good morning hey candy it's great to be back with more beach buddies looking for loving forever home. Doris through united dawn rescues here with this is much. Describing cute little Bob do you have with a city Doris this isn't. Yes she came to us. With a litter of free puppies after arriving next county with five puppies we tough card ends and her puppy survived and we got them all great homes. Since then we came across a litter of six poppies that was being sold under a bridge. By a gentleman for fifty dollars a piece they were only about illegals their eyes when not even open and had one of my volunteers go get them. She brought them until the bottom you've got on the puppies from this guy can get all the puppies but puppies opera just another volunteer gave them money and brought them to our shall back. And brought them to teach he has panel and she she took them on national scene nurse. Iditarod dogs even knew how to do some do but I Kia took him rate and even though she was still very soul aren't. From the nursing home puppy she had only just finished days earlier with around a guy. How sweet mom she is she is an even more reason to adopt her would you save 45 pounds snap some mom may be forty yes she's not really all that big she's just mostly muscle this year she's she's our baby yourself she's so young she's very playful. She's house broken. She likes to go for walks through a scale up our listeners get a kid I doubt it clubs come into sheltered in the Nokia at 331. East commercial boulevard an alpha partners come in and me that he and get to know aren't we will set you want to meet and greet thrown at her. And then we'll have you taken Kia I don't know locked in that walk is so important you really need to spend time away from the shelter what's your website united. Dog rescue dot org Kirstie from Christie's careers we gotta get a home for a kid. Hey we can help you adopt your new very family member on you have to do is slide onto the beach Miami dot com and all of won a two point seven the beaches social media platforms also Chris. Surrender is not Lauren me and him all of our social media platforms Lance and I Don. Christie thank you so much doors thank you so much and go to the beach in Miami god how much trying to kill Laura Rome knew we don't two point seven.