Attack Squirrel

Thursday, February 16th

A man's pet squirrel attacked a burglar which later led the burglar to his arrested. Kenny talks to producer Stuart about it. 


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720 Kenny walker Steward our producer on the glass right there could get me in studio with us right now do you believe this or would you get if you believe in karma. Yeah justice you believe in revenge yes. Could I should be a better person and I kind of you likely have somebody's wrong you in the passing them goes on conference. Yeah guy Boise Idaho named Adam pearl came home on Tuesday really somebody had broken into his place. And there were footprints in the snow outside his door. And scratch marks around the lock on his gun safe so he knew somebody and then there. On the guy who broke and didn't get the safe open held only took a couple things from the house got a stolen more so those kind of weird police came. And they got a statement from him in a couple of hours later they. Question a suspect and they arrested a guy in while the officers were conducting the interview with the suspect. Mean no steady had a bunch of tiny scratches. On his hands. When they arrested him so they should do. And would you scratches her being turned out that the robber. Was at ten. By Adams head squirrel. Yeah. Again OK guys had a stroke so there is Joseph -- and attitude keep Joey in the cage Jolie just runs around the house on cell game. The robber said this coral wouldn't stop attacking him while I was looking for stuff distilled and that's why didn't stick around longer to take more stuff. No word on charges have been an amended and getting most of the subject big guy was attacked by an attack squirrels. Stewart I I asked the whole bit is it's it's a squirrel I think you gaming is sound effect. There aren't that. And why not just missing them could could. Dude we needed between the whole bit it's a squirrel get it I might need a squirrel. It's a squirrel and I don't play in the nation and it's not as it's a squirrel attack that's the whole story. Can it can you do that. It's it's. Hoch and people hate. Don't listen I I get to hold me in the general managers nephew and all that but you can't you can't you can play. Siskel and all bid was so could you possibly get us a sound effects of the squirreled. I I think I knew I did take a break.