Baby is Our Beach Buddy This Week!

Adopt a pup today!

February 27, 2019

"Hi everyone! My name is Baby. I've had a long journey, with lots of ups and downs. But you know what? I am still a happy loving puppy despite it all! Yes, bad things happened, but also great things! I was rescued by PAWS4you Rescue and found a foster mom, so no walking around the streets alone, starving or in danger of being hit by a car. You might have heard I'm blind, and yes, that rumor is true. 

They took me to the dogtor, and even though I might recover some vision, I will always be a blind pup. It doesn't bother me as much as it bothers the humans. I still love life, people, KIDS, dogs, and even cats. When home, I love playing with the dogs; and *oh* when the humans want to play with me, it's the best thing ever!

I will roll around, jump, grab toys, and do it all over again. So, I know I am the perfect match for your family.

Fill out an application and ADOPT ME today! If you adopt me, be ready. You will have the most unconditional love and loyal companion. I promise to love you and the fam and the visitors always!"


Breed: Terrier Mix

Age: 9 Months 

Weight: 30 Lbs 


More information at PAWS4you Rescue!