SNOW is our Beach Buddy This Week!

From The Cat Network

April 26, 2017

SNOW from The Cat Network stopped by the station for taping this week!

"Hello!  My name is Snow, and I am a 2-year-old Flamepoint Himalayan male cat.  Here's an interesting fact about "Himmie" Cats: We are the result of selective breeding of Persian and Siamese cats, so we are jokingly called Persian cats in Siamese drag.  :-)  

Yes, I am beautiful and I know it!  But you know what is more important than beauty?  Love and affection.  And I have plenty of it to give to my forever family, once I find them.


I used to have a family, but they let me wander around outside and this resulted in two bad things: First, I got horrible sunburn on my nose!  It hurt so bad.  I can never be an outside kitty again.  And second - which is really worse - I got into a fight with another outside cat and contracted FIV.

Cats who are infected with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) usually don't show symptoms until years after the initial infection, so I look and act perfectly healthy.  Although the virus is slow-acting, it does result in a weakened immune system... Yet another reason I can't be an outside kitty.

I would be perfect for someone who only wants one, indoor cat, or someone who has another cat with FIV.  Don't let my condition discourage you; I still have so many years of love to give! I was rescued from the animal shelter by a kind lady who saw my potential.  Hopefully YOU see my potential too, because I want nothing more than to curl up in your arms and feel your love."


The Cat Network, Inc. (CN) is a 501(c)3, Florida not-for-profit corporation dedicated to humanely reducing cat overpopulation by educating the public about the need to sterilize their pets and strays; providing access to low-cost spay/neuter services for stray, homeless and abandoned cats; helping members in their efforts to place adoptable cats in loving homes; and advocating non-lethal population control and humane public policy.

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