Moolah is our Feline Beach Buddy This Week

August 31, 2017

Moolah is from The Cat Network in Miami and looking for a furever home!

"Hi! Excuse me for staring. I've been told I have an intense gaze, but I really want to meet you!  Let me introduce myself: my name is Moolah; I'm about a year old and although most cats my age still have a lot of that crazy, kitten energy, I'm more laid-back and chill. Always have been. In fact, my favorite thing in the world is to sit on your lap and purr. But there hasn't been a lot of that in my life. At least not yet. But I know there will be, once I find my forever home!

My siblings and I were placed in a box and abandoned at a very young age.  My two brothers were adopted pretty quickly, since we were all still so young back then and most people are looking to adopt kittens. But me, well, I had the misfortune to come down with a pretty intense upper respiratory infection soon after entering foster care - I'm healthy now but it took me a while to recover and as time passed, I grew into an adult cat.

So my size, plus my quiet personality, means people don't usually give me a second look.  Which is a shame because I have so much love to offer.  I would be the purrfect companion for someone looking for a cat who enjoys cuddling but doesn't demand it (I am very polite).  I do enjoy playing with my toys and chasing flies, but what I like best is just relaxing in the lap of anyone who wants to pet me.

Well, that's my story and if I sound like the kind of companion that you'd like to meet, please reach out to my foster mom! I believe in happy endings and I know mine is coming - hopefully sooner rather than later."