Meet Shiva and Tweety Boy, our Beach Buddies from The Cat Network

June 22, 2017

Meet Shiva & Tweety Boy! Two purrrfect, adoptable kitties!

"Hi! I'm what you call a "tuxedo cat" which means I'm black with white paws and a white chin.  They call me Shiva.  I was found as a kitten outside during a rainstorm and rescued by a lady

with a kind heart.  She wanted to keep me because I'm so sweet, but she already has quite a few cats and dogs, so she brought me to the adoption center at Midtown 9 months ago.  9 months is a long time for an affectionate cat like me to be in a cage!  

I love to be held "tummy to tummy" while gently kneading you and nuzzling your neck.  People say that's the most endearing thing about me.  Oh, and they all laugh at the way I drink water - I like to dip my paw in the water dish and lick the drops off my fur.  I know it's weird but when they laugh at me, they do it in a loving way so I guess it's just one of the unique things I do.

I'm a lap cat who wants nothing more than to be with people and receive love.  I am now a fully grown adult but have remained very petite in size, and I want nothing in the world more than to find my forever home."

"Hi!  I'm Tweety Boy, and I really want to go home with you!  Are you my new mommy or daddy?  Oops, sorry if I came on too strong.  I just can't help my loving and optimistic personality.  I'm still pretty young so I have that kitten energy, but when I'm not playing with my toys or chasing my tail, I just love to be held in your arms while I purr and purr and purr. 

Life didn't start out too great for me; I was adopted from Animal Services as a tiny kitten and although things were okay at first, my family let me outside before I was very street-smart and I ended up getting hit by a car.  It ran over my tail which had to be amputated.  That REALLY hurt!  My family didn't want to pay my vet bills so I ended up back at the shelter.  And you know what?  That hurt even more than losing my tail.  

But my luck turned around when a really nice lady saw me there and decided to foster me.  She took me to her vet who got me back on the road to recovery.  Now I am all better and, being

the eternal optimist, I just KNOW someone is going to fall in love with me and bring me to my forever home very soon!  My sunny attitude matches my sunny orange fur.  I want to be all yours!  So I'll ask again: Will you be my new mommy or daddy?  Here's hoping..."

Shiva and Tweety Boy are two of the many cats available for adoption at The Cat Network of Miami-Dade.  The adoption fee for each is $85 which includes deworming, vaccinations, and testing for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.  You can see more of the cats available by stopping by their Midtown adoption center (map) and by checking out their Facebook page.