Meet Newman from The Cat Network, Our Beach Buddy This Week

March 7, 2018

"Hi world, I’m Newman!  I got my name because I showed up at The Cat Network on New Year’s Day.  I’m a middle-aged feline whose favorite spot is right on top of your lap.  And don’t even think about getting up once I’m all settled in and purring because that’s pretty much the only time I get cranky, LOL. 

You can email my rescue friends right away, if you know I'm the one for you! 

I’m a super chill cat who is okay with coexisting with a similarly chill dog.  I need to be an only cat, though, because I have Feline Leukemia.  You’d never know it, though – I am super healthy right now and many cats with FeLV live a long, full life.  Feline leukemia is a disease that only affects cats -- it can’t be transmitted to people, dogs, or other animals.

I know, I know – people hear the word “disease” and they freak out.  Which is probably going to make it tough for me to find a home, even with me being as loving as I am.  But here are some reasons you should think about giving me a second look:

·       Watching TV or surfing the internet is SO much better with me purring on your lap.

·       You can laugh at my double-jointed way of laying on the floor with my legs splayed out behind me.

·       I am curious by nature and new situations don’t freak me out.

·       I am fastidiously clean and always use the litter box.

So that’s my sales pitch!  Hopefully I’ve convinced you that FeLV cats deserve a loving home too.  Now excuse me, I have to go curl up on my foster mom’s lap.  Important stuff.  But I hope to be curling up soon on the laps of my forever family… 

Quick! Click on this link to send an email now so we can be together ASAP!"