Meet Jagger! Our Beach Buddy This Week!

January 25, 2018

Meet Jagger, an 8-year-old Greyhound mix and resident snuggler of the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Jagger was brought in as a stray in April 2017. 

You know the saying, "You should never judge a book by its cover?" Well, that's what we say about Jagger. Seeing him in person, you would never believe that he is having a hard time getting adopted due to his shelter stress reactions. When in his room, Jagger’s reaction is to jump at anyone walking by with teeth bared, a scary sight to see! However, as soon as you enter Jagger’s room or bring him out of it, he turns into his normal, snuggly, people-loving self.

This is why it’s so important to show people the REAL Jagger when he attends our outreaches or when he shines at a Beach Buddies segment! Jagger is actually an incredibly sweet, loving and energetic boy and really embodies our 'Big Dogs Snuggle More' slogan. He is looking for a family that will make sure he has as much cuddle time as he has play time, especially if that play time involves water.

His favorite pastime is running around the yard chasing the sprinklers– a perfect South Florida pup! Jagger is housetrained, gets along with other dogs, and loves people of all shapes and sizes. This gorgeous boy is eager to find a family that is willing to move past the first impression, and see the tender hearted guy that lies beneath.


To set up a meet and greet to see his marvelous personality, visit the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center or call 305-696-0800 and ask for Jagger!

Jagger’s adoption fee is waived, so it would only cost $39 to adopt him, which is for the county tag and microchip. To see Jagger and our other available animals, check out their website here.