Meet Georgie our Cute Pug Beach Buddy

January 10, 2018

"Hiya everyone! I'm Georgie! Although we don't know much about my past (since I was abandoned in my crate outside of a store), I do know my future is looking bright! 

Luckily, I was scooped up by CPR from Broward Animal Control and taken right to Dr. Carlos at Neighborhood Veterinary Center as I was super skinny! They checked me out, poked and prodded me, and gave me all kinds of tests! Looks like the only thing I need is to gain weight. All of my tests were clear! 

I am just the sweetest, most handsome 7 year old guy! And if I may say so myself, quite the ladies man! I have stolen the hearts of all the girls I meet. I am thinking it’s my soulful eyes or dashing wrinkles!  

Anyhoo, I am in a great foster home gaining weight and getting stronger everyday! I know how to potty outside and walk on a leash. My spine is curved and I do drag my back paws when I walk, which I’ve seen a neurologist for. He’s not overly concerned but the future of my waking is a bit uncertain. And love to explore the good ole outdoors! I could get used to this good life stuff!

If you've got a heart as big as mine, let’s make a match! Fill out an adoption application so we can make new memories together!

Much love! -Georgie"

Georgie's adoption fee is $150, learn more at