Lucy is Your Beach Buddy This Week!

"I am a dog in a cat’s body"

March 22, 2019

"Hello world, my name is Lucy!  In spite of the trauma I’ve been through, I am an amazingly affectionate, loving cat.  My story is that I was rescued from a parking lot where I was lonely and afraid; a lot of people had been complaining about an injured cat (me!) but no one did anything.  My “injury” was the hematomas that I had developed in both ears. 

These are caused when too much blood gets trapped in an area and can’t be released.  It’s either caused when animals shake their heads too hard or have an ear infection that wasn’t treated.  Eventually, it hardens and looks crumpled which is what happened to me.

The upside of this is that I look like the kind of cat called a “Scottish Fold”, LOL.  I am an energetic purring machine who loves nothing more than to roll around on your lap!  I’m playful, but when I tire out, I get super snuggly.  My foster mom jokes that I am a dog in a cat’s body, because I come when you call me and I beg for food (how can you possibly say no to my mesmerizing yellow eyes?).

I’ve been sterilized, tested, vaccinated, dewormed and de-fleaed.  I use a litterbox with no problem and loooove people.  Dogs and other cats are okay, but I prefer to be the center of your universe.

If I sound like the kind of cat you’re looking to share your home with, I want to meet you!  What are you waiting for?  Let’s fall in love…"

To adopt loveable Lucy, visit!