Chance from Korea is Our Beach Buddy!

December 21, 2017

Chance was found by Dalmation Rescue at a city pound in Taebaek Gangwondo, South Korea. It's a mountainous state, similar to Wyoming in the US.

Dalmation Rescue suspects he was going to be trained as a hunting dog, as there are lot of hunters in that area. A hunting dog’s life in Korea is sooo miserable! They keep the dogs crated in a truck, starve them for days (even without being able to go potty), and make them chase small animals. Not a life for any deserving canine.

Dalmatian Rescue raised the funds to fly Chance from Seoul and now he’s here and ready for love, compassion and a happily ever after furever home. ❤️

Adopt Chance today at or

Huge thanks to Christie's CrittersDalmation Rescue for bringing Chance to the Beach Studio!