Meet Bijou the Beach Buddy!

Looking for a Furever Friend?

August 23, 2018

Hi, I'm Bijou! I'm a beautiful, white Bichon Frise who is potty trained and super-duper sweet. I am 10 years young which - for a small dog - isn't very old at all! In fact, Bichons like me can live as long as 15+ years! I am very well behaved, and love belly rubs more than anything. I'm an easy guy, and am happy to chill on your lap with my brother at my side. To care for me is simple: I'm diabetic, so I just need an insulin shot after each meal. Easy-peasy! That, and my eyes aren't quite like they used to be, but I don't let anything slow me down! I haven’t met anyone I don’t love even the cats :-) 

I used to have a home with my brother, but then everything changed and now I am living with my foster family who are just terrific. My brother found a great family to live with and I keep hearing great things about being adopted. I would love to be able to find my forever home just like my brother, I promise to thank you with complete love and devotion every day! 

If you are looking for an amazing wing man or addition to your family, I am your man

Ready to take me home? Me too! Fill out the application ASAP by clicking this link!