It's Now Trendy to Stick a Cheeseburger Over Your Soda Straw & to Share a Photo (Seriously)

July 26, 2017


This trend makes us disgusted with the internet. Yet, we're intrigued. In fact, we can't admit that we won't be trying it sometime soon. 

Apparently, people in Japan are putting their soda straw throw a cheeseburger. Then they rest the cheeseburger on the soda lid. Yes, of course, they're sharing photos of their drinks on Instagram.

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Let's take a step back here. suspects this may have been inspired by a similar trend involving donuts being placed around an iced coffee straw. This makes more sense since donuts have that hole in the middle. It's a great way to hold your donut when you're carrying a coffee. 

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We don't get this trend. It's not practical. Yet, why are so fascinated?!

Is it that we just want to take one of these photos to look cool on Instagram? 

Either way, don't be surprised when you see that "trendy" friend posting a photo of a hamburger on a straw.