Phins Up, Newspapers and Your Thoughts Create Things

March 19, 2017

Through a series of random life circumstances I came into contact with a Sunday newspaper and said, "Look at that fossil."   It was free and because I am who I am, I snatched that  newspaper the hell up.   What happened next was interesting.    I realized that I had, in my hand, a lot information.   It was hand picked  information.   Information located in one spot and on my person and in paper form.   Who chose the information for me?   Well the good folks at our local newspaper company.  But what struck me, is how most of us now use the internet for staying up to date with what's going on.  Some even use social networking sites.   I'm guilty of it.  I also go to actual news sites and scan headlines and read what's current or scary sounding or, and this is rare, FUNNY.  I also have certain friends who are light years more well read than I, and who's posts and links I'll read because they've been exposed or even know people who have an honest and unbiased slant on current events.  I rarely watch live TV anymore and not because I don't like it or because I can't afford cable.  I mainly stream movies and TV shows when I have the TV on.    My point is this.  We choose our news now.   Which means we indirectly choose how our minds function. I believe, and sometimes lose faith, that our thoughts and intentions create our reality.   Which essentially means, "If you think it, it will come to fruition."  Here's a great article that reaffirms that belief.  Ya know.  "If you build it, they will come..."  Read this article.  Seriously.  It's fascinating and proves the theory scientifically.

Apply that to what you see and hear all day and everyday.   You may or may not see my point.   We are deeply entrenched in the Information Age.   And it's up to us to guide our consciousness so that we don't lose our minds. Too much information can turn into a negative.   

I got away from my initial thought.   The newspaper.   I went through it.  With my coffee.   And I stopped midway to write my weekly Beach Blog and by the time I was done, I had to get ready to come to work and play music and interact with you.   The South Florida Beach Family.  I was around other coffee drinkers outside enjoying the beautiful weather and offered my fossil to the people in front of me.   A younger couple.   Younger than me anyway.  They politely declined something for free!   Rich people.   So I turned, scanned the rest of the java heads and found a couple of women who I knew, just from one look, would gladly take my gift of paper advertisement and news chosen by, what I hope was an unbiased editor.    For me today, personally I'm not going to populate my thoughts with news.  Although.   I did flip through the paper before I gave it up.   I saw one sports story about how the Miami Dolphins were no longer the laughing stock of the AFC EAST and how that moniker was now reserved for the New York Jet's.   I took a screen shot of the paragraph and texted  it to two of my friends that have the unfortunate life of being lowly Jet fans...Happy Sunday and Phins Up!!!!