It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (and on The Beach)

March 17, 2017

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, not only do I talk on the radio here at 102.7 La Playa, but I'm also a full-time actor as well.  One of my favorite acting jobs I've done to date, was a two episode recurring character on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which airs on FX (Season 3 Episode 12).  I played a scar-faced drug dealer named Bingo who didn't want anyone to look him in the eye.   Ever.  This day, on set in Los Angeles, was actor heaven for many reasons.  My friend Glenn (Dennis) is one of the shows creators, writers and lead actors on the show which is how I had the connection and the gift of being cast.  Being with him on set, after being in school and sharing a massive house for a year of college, felt surreal and pretty amazing.  For both of us.  It is A LOT about who you know.  That being said.   You can be the boss's son and if you botch the job they'll typically boot you quicker than you can say "nepotism." I shot two episodes in one day.  One episode was directed by Fred Savage from Wonder Years ( a show my father and I would watch weekly as our eyes welled up with tears together during almost every episode) and Fred couldn't have been any nicer and easier to work with.  The other episode was directed by a massively talented director (Matt Shakman who I worked with in NYC randomly as an actor) The cast was extremely welcoming and funny.  I can't explain the joy you can get from doing a job where you're laughing 90% of the time while getting paid to make people laugh. It's heavenly.  We had the script and we did most of the written stuff and then were allowed to improvise within the structure of all the scenes and that's when the real fun ensued.   Danny Devito was in a scene with us  and that's when I got bit by the star-struck bug.  He was kind and funny and not an egotistical star by any stretch.  He was just another actor.  Of course to me he was DANNY DEVITO!!   And that's tricky.  You can't let on that you're intimidated by the moment or the people you respect tremendously.  At all.  You're being paid to do a job. So I had to assimilate and push down my awe of being surrounded by bonafide stars, and the chance of doing what I love obsessively, and do my job at the highest level I possibly could.  So you push all that noise away and focus on the moment.    

There's times as an actor when you're where you truly feel you belong.    I'd been on plenty of sets before, but this set was different because comedy is why I started acting in the first place.    It's one of those jobs that I can look back at now and can stomach watching because I'm proud of my work on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And to be on such an iconic and successful show was a great honor. The scenes from the second episode we shot were cut for time and story arc purposes.   To this day, when people see my bio, resume or acting reel, they are most excited I was on that show.   Comedy has always been a rush for me and to this day I truly believe it's one of my main purposes for being on this rotating rock.   There will be more to come and I can't wait for the next shot.   Of course every time I walk in this building, I'm constantly laughing because the people that work here at Entercom Miami are some of the funniest, brightest  and kindest  people I've ever been around.   I truly feel grateful everyday for getting to do what I love here at The Beach.  Cheers!   Feel free to head on over for footage of one of the two scenes from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia at  Thank you and have a great St Patrick's Day Weekend.