Gregg Stuart's First Blog

March 5, 2017

Welcome to Gregg Stuart's blog.  I'm Gregg.  Stuart.   For My first blog, I'll play a little game I play called, "I'm gonna tell you all about myself."   First and foremost.   I'm thrilled to be on the radio again.   I started off in radio at Piper High School on WKPX, a 3,000 Watt FM radio station in my high school.   There, I learned to play records, talk on the radio, program alternative music for a 12 hour day and police the other kids and make sure they were doing their job.  (I may have been a little bossy.).  But that's where I fell in love with the thrill of being live on the radio and knowing that when I pressed that button people all over the place would hear it!   After high school I went to Nova Southeastern University for a year and then decided to pursue another love of mine.  Acting.  So I hung up the headphones and went to school for it.  (New World School of the Arts in Miami) But my love for radio never left me and I'm thrilled to be able to do both here in Miami and connect with listeners again!   If you wanna know a little more feel free to stalk my acting website at    That name is my other name.  The one I use when I'm in movies and tv shows!   My blog will be a mixed bag.  Current events, pop culture, tech and hopefully stuff that's funny.  Well.  At least stuff that'll make me laugh.   So welcome.  I love this new feature and look forward to us all getting to know each other better.