Don't Stand So Close To Me

March 10, 2017

Don't Stand So Close to Me (Getting To Know Me Part 2)

When I'm waiting in line to pay at a supermarket, or a restaurant serving line, why do people feel the need to be practically standing inside of the person in front of them.   Do they think the proximity of their physical body has any effect of moving things along?   Do they think that they're entitled to be as close to the front of the line more than the next person. This human behavior has long confounded me.  It, to be 100% transparent, drives me out of my mind.  So much so that sometimes, I'll inch myself out of the line (if there's room without losing my place) just to see if the offender even notices my absence.   Answer:   THEY DON'T.  And it's not like they're blinded by their black mirror (cell phone-and great show). They just DON'T CARE I guess?  Where's the consideration of personal space. I'm not a fan of an uncomfortably close talker either.   We've all had them.  Someone who, when they talk to you face to face, you can easily guess what they had for lunch because they're on top of you. Maybe I'm claustrophobic.  I'm willing to admit my faults.  I'm human so I better be good at it.  I've also lived in NYC and taken the subway at rush hour and was fine with people crushed into a train car. Check that.  Some days I wasn't really fine with it.   But those were usually unbearably hot days during the summer or when the person close to me smelled like hot garbage.  Only difference in a subway car, is you have no choice.  Here?  You do. So what is it? If this were a talk show I'd take calls and maybe get to the bottom of it.  But its a blog.  I was born in Philadelphia and moved to south Florida when I was six.   But, I never really noticed this silly line waiting habit until I moved to Miami.  I don't have any answers. Perhaps you do. Feel free to message me with your thoughts and together maybe we can identify the cause of this insidious habit.   I love people.  Please don't take this blog to be in the voice of a cranky miserable person.  We are getting to know each other, right?  Warts and all.  And since you mention it, I don't have any warts at this point in my life.  And I hope not to get any.  Ever.  So there's two things I'm not a fan of.  Warts and people with no personal space awareness. Happy Weekend!