Tequila barrel homes with unlimited tequila!

You had me at Tequila.....

August 24, 2019

A Mexican hotel will give you the experience of a life time!
Unlimited tequila!!!!! Oh and you can sleep inside a tequila barrel too.

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Now that I've got your attention..

My fellow alcho- erhm..I mean tequila lovers, I've got your next trip planned out for ya!

Forget the fancy wine tastings or brewery tours. Next time you're in Mexico take advantage of it by having a boozy vacation(Responsibly of course!!).

The Mexican hotel known as "Matices Hotel de Barricas"(AKA Tequila Paradise) will let you drink all the tequila you want and then live inside the massive tequila barrel. 


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It’s the one and only hotel that’s set on a tequila farm! Doesn't that sound lovely! ;)

If they've got karoake nights I'm sure at some point this will be a HUGE hit! 

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