Colonel Sanders Fantasies? This Official KFC Dating Sim Is Just For You!

There's a market for everything I guess....

September 14, 2019

Who asked for this?
While I may not be able to  answer that, I can tell you this.

Apparently KFC felt the need to set you up with Colonel Sanders himself!

If you've ever wanted to hook up with KFC'S mascot well here's your chance! 
KFC set to release an "OFFICIAL" dating simulator for their beloved fans and anyone else who's had the very same fantasies!

Titled "I Love You, Colonel Sanders!" this thing is as crazy as it sounds but if you don't believe me here's the trailer. 

I guess whoever goes through with this could find out if he's a finger licker or not?  

If he's not your type I guess you could always wait for the Ronald McDonald or The Burger King dating sims!

See how you can date the Colonel here!