3 Ways to Travel to Riptide Music Festival Powered by Ford

October 5, 2018

Riptide Music Festival Powered by Ford is a 3-day Classic Rock and Alternative celebration, that you deserve to absorb every minute of – Without worrying about where you’re gonna park, how much parking is going to cost, or at what time you'll have to stop drinking in order to get yourself home safely. You deserve to let go! So, here are some great, worry-free ways that you can travel to Riptide Music Festival quickly & safely!

1.  Yellow Cab

Our first travel option doesn’t even require a smartphone or an app download! Broward County’s most reliable ride, Yellow Cab, is a great option for getting yourself on and off the beach safely with no surge pricing. All you have to do is call the all-familiar number: (954)-777-7777 to arrange your safe ride back home or to the hotel.



2.  Ride Share

If you’ve got a smartphone handy, all you have to do is download an app for a ride. Uber or Lyft are both available options to help you get around Fort Lauderdale safely, so you can avoid worrying and enjoy the show. Look out for the Riptide Ride Share dropoff and pickup spots on HARBOR DRIVE.


3. Water Taxi

If you’re looking for the most scenic route to the festival, the Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi is the way to go. Water Taxi isn’t only practical, but it also gives you the opportunity to explore Fort Lauderdale to its fullest extent. You'll get off at Stop #5 - Right across the street from Riptide Music Festival! Through their partnerships with local restaurants, bars, shops and museums you can save big on the best things Fort Lauderdale has to offer (after you’re done partying at Riptide, that is)!