Recent College Grads Create Antimicrobial Phone Case to Protect Against COVID-19

June 7, 2020

    NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Three recent grads from Vanderbilt University have created a cooper, antimicrobial phone case that can fight off COVID-19 germs. 

    Andrew Medland, one of the creators and co-founder of AERIS, says copper contains a valence electron that “allows it to continuously zap the membrane of germs and neutralize them on contact and it will continuously kill them indefinitely.”

    The question as to why copper has been so overlooked in the fight against harmful bacteria viruses like COVID-19 may come down to cost, according to the creators.

    Medland and his team assured they created a product that performed well and was cost affective. 

    “We’ve figured out a way of applying copper at a very thin level,” he explains. “Thick enough to where it retains those properties but thin enough to where it’s light weight and not expensive.” 

    Medland added that, even though copper is prone to oxidation, as long as you have enough of the chemical element, it will continue to kill bacteria indefinitely. 

    The AERIS team found and worked with a manufacturer in California on the process, as well as setting up an Indiegogo platform to raise funds. 

    They’re now producing the copper-composite product at full scale.

    It retails for $39 and they’ve partnered with hospitals in Nashville and New York to donate phone cases to frontline medical workers. 

    Previous studies related to the chemical properties of copper on the railings in Grand Central Terminal, older than a hundred years for instance support its anti-microbial affects.

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