This Toddler 'Besties' Video Will Make You Melt

September 10, 2019

Everybody is falling in love with these two, as they warmed hearts across the nation.

On Monday footage of two toddlers running to one another on a sidewalk for a big hug went viral.

The video captures the two-year-old best friends running to each other with arms wide open after spotting each other on the street.

The adorable New York City duo are Maxwell and Finnegan and they are inseparable!

According to the HuffPost, Maxwell’s dad, Michael Cisneros said “They are always super excited to see each other, even if they’ve only been apart for a day or two.”

Cisnero said the dynamic duo share “food, clothes, toys, everything.”

He even shared the video on Facebook that said “This is just so beautiful. We should all be like this.”

Thousands of people have seen the video of Maxwell and Finnegan hugging.